For Targets of Workplace Bullying and Those Recovering
Learn the reason you NEED this and how to create your personalized plan so you can

* Bounce Back and Reclaim your Life

* Reset emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual health

* Feel good about yourself again and thrive 
February 17, 1 pm to 3 pm MST
Making Resilience Visible
Assess your current resilience capabilities with a fun and interactive tool
Identify the Resilience Allies you need to bounce back faster
Resilience is the most overlooked element in conflict resolution - because we often don't think about it until it is gone.  What we do instead is 

> Rationalize our stress and discomfort away
> Fight harder and louder to make others see us
> Ignore the issues until one day we explode

And then we realize our bounce back is gone ... we wonder what happened.

My own resilience journey started after I suffered years of workplace bullying. I did not really "think" about it until I was shaking and gasping for air in a panic attack after looking at my work uniform hanging in my closet.  

The comeback from this required that I put intentional attention on my activities of resilience daily - and it was the difference that made healing and thriving possible.

You don't have to wait until it is gone to do something about it - let's fill your cup now

In this training, I am going to share the foundations of resilience and help you identify your current gaps, and help you design a personalized action plan for you so you can get into action ... and out of reaction.

What people are saying

I spent 7 years not working due to depression and anxiety. I was 200% convinced I was disabled due to it. No one could tell me otherwise.  Less than one hour with you and that was the first time IN MY LIFE that I had an ounce of hope that I could have solved it any other way during that time of my life.

@Ashleigh McGarity

Thank you for working with me yesterday. I feel I got something very special out of our talk and I believe it will make a difference in my relationship with my dad. I already started applying it and feel a little better ~ you have a lovely soul Tammy


Everyone should have access to this and the capacity it gives! You helped me see patterns in my interactions with others that blocked successful communication.

@Shannon McIvor

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Making Resilience Visible
Assess your current resilience capabilities with a fun and interactive tool
Identify the Resilience Allies you need to bounce back faster


Hi There! I'm Tammy,
an ex-target of workplace bullying turned communication coach. I have a passion for helping people break old habits and styles so they CAN change the way relationship is done, one conversation at a time - whether your goal is to rebuild your marriage, save your career or be the front runner for that promotion at work.

I created this training to help you reach your relationships goals at home and at work.

If my recovery from bullying taught me anything, it is that not another beautiful human being needs to suffer because they can't find the answers.

Let's talk about resilience factors and how you can lean into them to build your comeback ... so you can bounce back and get back to living a peaceful and productive life.

February 17, 1 to 3 pm MST
I purchased one ticket and now my friend wants to join, can she watch it with me?

Yes, your friend can join, just have them pick up their own ticket so they will receive their personal invite and bonuses delivered to their inbox.

What if I can't make the live session?

There will be a replay available, however, for maximum benefit and support, the live event is your time to ask about the specifics to your situation and interact with the speaker and attendees.

I signed up but I don't work with the bully anymore ... should I still attend?

YES! Based on my years of working with individuals, I am confident you will learn more about resilience and how you can initiate these actions to bounce back faster and healthier.

I am skeptical that this will work for me - how will resilience make a difference?

It is a great question and I can say that until I did it, I was skeptical too but it not only changed my life, it was the reason I was able to get back up, leave my house, and become a functioning member of society again.  If I had not paid attention to this, I am certain I would be divorced and still feeling like a victim. 

Are refunds offered?

No. Money is energy and energy will move you towards your vision. If you invest and don't show up ... what is happening in your relationships?
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February 17, 1 to 3 pm MST

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